Cyber Security Month

Hoonuit Online Technology Training

Wooster has recently partnered with Hoonuit, an award-winning provider of online technology training and support. The College is dedicated to bringing 24/7 access to technology training to all learners on campus through this partnership. Featuring a guided, step-by-step path through online videos, Hoonuit provides valuable educational resources as well as just-in-time training and support on over 215 applications […]

Office 2016 NOW Available!

  All Wooster students have access to the latest version of the Microsoft Office suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook for both PC and Mac; Access, OneNote, and Publisher for PC) software at no cost to you for as long as you are enrolled at the College. Office 365 Pro allows you the ability to download a full […]

OneDrive for Business

What is OneDrive for Business? OneDrive is Microsoft’s service for hosting files in the “cloud” (much like GoogleDrive or Dropbox).  As part of your Office 365 account provided by the college, OneDrive for Business lets you update and share your files from anywhere and work on Office documents with others at the same time. To Access OneDrive for Business: OneDrive for Business can be found in the online Outlook application […]

PaperCut printing system

The College of Wooster’s printing system is PaperCut!  PaperCut affords the campus easier allocation of copies and prints and better flexibility in where our print jobs go.  To use the Papercut system, you will need to install the PaperCut software and print queues. Visit the wiki here for more information and the software installs.