Classroom Technology

Most Common Set-ups

  • General Classroom Technology (Video): This video applies to most classrooms in Kauke, Taylor, Severance, Morgan and Scovel.  Watch it first.
  • Classrooms which Require a Projector Remote  (Video):  If your classroom doesn’t have a white control box (also called a Pixie) it will require the use of a projector remote.  This video applies to Mateer 203 and 305, Morgan 101 and 217, Scovel 116, Wishart 202 and Taylor 10, 200 and 308.
  • Creston-Based Classroom Technology (Video):  This video applies to Morgan 309 and the conference room in Longbrake Wellness Center
  • SMART Board Classrooms (Video):  This video applies to Scheide 203 and 204, Kauke 143, Morgan 222, and Taylor 210
  • SMART Podium Classrooms (Video): Video applies to Kauke 142, Mateer G01, 203 and 305, Scheide 106, Taylor 110 and 111, and Wishart’s Lean Lecture Hall. *Watch General Classroom Technology video first.

Building Specific Set-ups

Scot Center