College Technology Purchases

Getting a Computer

The College makes every attempt to provide each faculty and staff member with a personal computer and software that meet teaching, research, and project requirements within the limits of the budget. Each year computer systems are considered for replacement based on age, user requirements, and resource availability. New faculty members are able to choose either a Macintosh or Lenovo laptop or desktop computer. Staff members are given a computer that is standard for the given department. User Services is responsible for the preparation, delivery, installation, and upkeep of faculty, staff, lab and classroom computers.

Order equipment

If you would like to use grant funds, start-up funds, or departmental funds to purchase technology, please contact Jon Breitenbucher, Director of Educational Technology at ( for Faculty purchases or Vince Discipio, Director of Digital Infrastructure at ( for Staff purchases. The Office of Information Technology has established partnerships with vendors to offer educational pricing.