LISTSERV Request Form

Use this form to request or change a LISTSERV email discussion list for your class or group.


User Services supports L-Soft Inc’s LISTSERV software to manage email discussion groups for classes and chartered student groups. Use this form to request a new LISTSERV list; once the list is created, we will notify you via email with the information you need to use it.

Request a list

To request or change a list, enter the following information:

Name (required)
Email (required)
Request (required)
The course number and title or group name for which you wish to have a list (required)
Description of list
Expiration date (required)

For more help…
User Services has a handout titled Using LISTSERV that is an introduction for list members. You can also access LISTSERV documentation online at L-Soft’s site.

Here you can access the LISTSERV Home where you will be able update your list, add moderators, and make changes.