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User Services provides access and training for a wide variety of software types. If you don’t find what you need here or would like to request to have these applications installed on College-owned computers, call us 330 287 HELP (4357) or email us at

Information Technology also offers software downloads through our website.

Academic Software

Productivity and Office

  • Microsoft Excel — MS Office spreadsheet creation
  • Microsoft PowerPoint — MS Office  presentation creation
  • Microsoft Word — MS Office document creation
  • Novell Groupwise — Email and calendaring

Statistical Software

Datatel/Ellucian (Colleague)

  • ScotWeb – Web interface for access to Colleague data
  • WebUI/Colleague – Access request forms and training

Media Software

  • Audacity — Audio editing for podcast creation
  • Garageband — Audio editing for podcast creation
  • iMovie — Video editing
  • Photoshop — Image editing
  • Specialized Software

    • Sylvius Pro
    • Neurons in Action
    • Media Lab
    • Direct Rt
    • Macvector
    • SigmaPlot
    • IgPet
    • IgorPro