Technology you will need

1. A Notebook Computer (required)

At Wooster, independent minds work together, on and off campus, in and out of class.   As our educational experience is not bounded by a classroom, or lab — or a computer lab for that matter, students rely on their notebook computers to review materials for class, do research,  complete assignments, collect data in the lab,  do in-class activities,  peer review other students’ assignments, access and share collaborative works in progress,  and to connect with others around the country and world.

 You will need a notebook computer that meets, at a minimum, the specifications listed here.  Through its software licensing agreement with Microsoft, you will have access to Office 365 for as long as you are enrolled at Wooster.  All systems will need to have “anti-virus” software, too.

To meet the notebook requirement, you may purchase one of our Preferred Systems or bring a system of your choice based on our hardware recommendations.

Our Recommendations

We have partnered with  Apple and GovConnection (our preferred reseller) to offer students notebook computer systems that meet our requirements.  For the 2014-2015 school year we are recommending the HP Elitebook 820 or Elitebook 840 or the Apple MacBook Pro.  Prebundled with a hardware warranty, these notebooks are reliable and designed to last throughout your four years at Wooster. If you purchase one of our preferred systems, we will be able to provide hardware repair support for your system via our Help Desk.  This is often an important consideration for students and families, as there are few options for computer hardware repair support in Wooster.

Apple MacBook Pro, ($999)


How to order: You can order an Apple computer by visiting the online Apple Store or by visiting your nearest Apple Store. Take a copy of your College of Wooster acceptance letter into the Apple Store and they will honor the educational discount!

HP Elitebook 820, ($850) or HP Elitebook 840 ($800)


How to order: We have partnered with HP and GovConnection (our preferred reseller) to make this process easier.  On the GovConnection site, we offer packages designed to be budget friendly and meet the demands of the academic program.  Pre-bundled with a hardware warranty, these laptops are reliable and designed to last throughout your 4 years at Wooster.  HP packages can be purchased through the GovConnection site  and shipped directly to your home.

Minimum System Requirements
Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, Microsoft Windows 8 (not RT*), Macintosh OSX 10.7 or higher
Anti-Virus Software: Every student-owned computer must be running up-to-date anti-virus software in order to access the network.
Productivity Software: Every student-owned computer must have the ability to create and edit file types commonly used in Microsoft Office or have a licensed copy of Microsoft Office.  Fortunately, Wooster students are now eligible for a free copy of Microsoft Office ProPlus. Instructions downloading and installing the Office ProPlus Suite can be found here.

Warranties and Accidental Damage

We strongly recommend purchasing the maximum extended manufacturer’s warranty and the maximum extended accidental damage protection plan. Warranties are a good way to ensure the reliability of the computer throughout all four years at Wooster.  Accidental damage protection covers drops and spills, which most standard warranties do not cover.

 Hardware Repair Support

At the Help Desk located in Morgan Hall, staff members are available to provide hardware diagnosis student notebooks.  Our HP and Apple certified help desk technicians can provide on-site repair services for our preferred systems.

 A Word on Tablets

You will see students, faculty, and staff using tablet devices around the campus.  While tablets are often smaller, lighter, and run longer on a battery charge, few can run the software you are likely to need for your educational program at Wooster.  If you have a tablet and wish to bring it, feel free to do so.  We do not recommend that you plan to use a tablet in the place of a notebook computer.

 Financial Assistance

Students with financial need who are unable to bring or purchase a notebook computer should contact Wooster’s Financial Aid Office to learn about available aid options.

2.  Software

Microsoft Office:  Through IT’s software licensing agreement with Microsoft, you will have access to Office 365 Pro Plus for as long as you are enrolled at Wooster.  No need to purchase.

Anti-virus: All systems will need to have “anti-virus” software, too.  This is not provided by the College.

3. A Backup Device or Service

We recommend that you have a separate device or means of backing up your files on your notebook’s hard drive.  We have seen many students lose important work because of failures of their hard drives or accidentally deleting files.  At Wooster, you can store files to your “OneDrive” in Office 365. Other options for backup include a flash drive or cloud storage such as iCloud or DropBox.

Additional Options:

A Cell Phone

We recommend that all students have a cell phone capable of receiving voice calls and text messages.  Students do not need “smart phones.”   We recommend the cell phone so that you can receive campus alerts through our campus emergency notification system, and so that if needed, professors and College staff can contact you.

 A Printer

A printer is not needed.  Students have the ability to send print jobs to a number of printers across the campus.  Students are provided with annual printing “allowances”.

 An LCD/LED Television

An LCD/LED television can connect to our campus-wide cable television network which includes educational and entertainment broadcasts.  Any recently manufactured LCD/LED television capable of “clear QAM” and analog tuning will connect our cable TV system with just a standard coax TV cable.  With the correct cable your HD television can be used a monitor for your notebook computer.  You may want to coordinate who brings the TV with your roommate.

 Technology Accessories

We recommend that you bring a surge-protector power strip for your residence hall room.  A coaxial cable is needed to connect your television to the cable jack in your room. Consider bringing a cable lock for your notebook, and taking advantage of the engraving service offered by Wooster’s Security and Protective Services department once you’re on campus.