Accessing your Wooster email

Members of the campus community can configure any e-mail client to check their Wooster account through IMAP or POP. This includes smartphones and other “smart” devices such as the iPod Touch and iPad. Be aware that if you are off-campus and using anything other than ScotMail ( or Groupwise you will not be able to […]

Alumni Email

How do I sign up for a Wooster Alumni e-mail account? Each Wooster alumna/alumnus is eligible to have his or her own alumni lifetime e-mail account. For information regarding these accounts, please visit the Alumni E-mail website. These e-mail addresses take the following format: Bob Loblaw from the class of 1977 would have an e-mail […]

New Email Accounts

Email Account Generation Upon recognition of campus affiliation, notification is sent by the either the Vice President’s Office or Human Resources to the Systems Administrator for a new e-mail account to be created. Once an account is created, the account information is sent to the department chair or office manager. For more information regarding email […]

Password changes

What are the rules for creating passwords? Passwords must be six characters in length and contain at least one alpha and one numeric character. Additionally, passwords cannot be reused. As a security measure, passwords are set to expire every 90 days. Users receive an e-mail notification 10 days before expiration and are expected to change […]

Quarantined Email (Spam)

Quarantined E-mail Appliance (SPAM FILTER) Wooster has deployed a spam and virus filter for incoming email messages. Each message gets a score based on criteria set by Xecuritas, our Spam filter provider, and if a message scores high enough, it is quarantined by the filter. Users can login and view, delete, forward, trust, or block […]

Using LISTSERV to Send Mass Emails

This information is adapted from L-Soft’s LISTSERV documentation available at their website. What is LISTSERV? Who can request a list? How do I login to the web-interface for LISTSERV? How do I send a message to a list? How do I see what lists I belong to? How can I subscribe myself to a list? How […]