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About Microsoft Office 365

  WHAT IS MICROSOFT OFFICE 365? Office 365 is a cloud-based service that provides access to email, online versions of Microsoft’s Office suite (including Word, Powerpoint and Excel), online document storage, web conferencing and team sites for sharing and collaborating. At this time, we will be implementing the Email portion of Microsoft Office 365 – […]

After Migration (How do I check my email?)

There are several ways to connect to your College of Wooster email on Office 365 (Exchange online): USING YOUR PERSONAL COMPUTER I’m using Scotmail now and would like to just use the Outlook web app after the migration: Once you have received confirmation from Information Technology that your e-mail, contacts and settings have been copied […]

An Introduction to Outlook 2010 and 2011

Outlook 2011 for Mac Outlook 2011 basics Outlook 2011 Tutorial Videos Outlook 2011 Managing your Calendar Outlook 2010 for Windows Microsoft Training Videos for Outlook 2010 for Windows Basic tasks in Outlook Finding everyday commands in Outlook 2010 tutorial video

Android Devices

NOTE: ONLY COMPLETE THESE STEPS IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT YOUR EMAIL MIGRATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Step 1. In Settings, choose Accounts and Sync. Step 2. Select Add Account. Step 3. Select Microsoft Exchange Active Sync. Step 4. Enter your College of Wooster email address and password. Then click Next. Step 5. You may […]

Back Up a Computer

In order to back up a computer you will need an external hard drive or a flash drive with ample free space available. For each system, creating a backup is different. Here you can find instructions for creating a back up for Windows XP (pg. 1), Windows 7  (pg. 2), Windows 8 (pg. 3), and […]

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Classrooms Requiring a Projector Remote

If your classroom doesn’t have a white control box (also called a Pixie), it will require the use of a projector remote.  This video explains how to work in those classrooms.  The video applies to Mateer 203 and 305, Morgan 101 and 217, Scovel 116, Wishart 202 and Taylor 10, 200 and 308.

Classrooms with a SMART Board

Currently the college offers SMART Boards in the following rooms on campus: Kauke 141 Morgan 222 Morgan 308 Scheide 203 Scheide 204 Taylor 210

Classrooms with a SMART Podium or Sympodium

Some classrooms include a special monitor that allows you to use a stylus to interact with the screen and to draw on it.  Many professors find this allows them to make their presentations more dynamic and engaging.  Here’s how to get started with the SMART podium presentation equipment.

Configuring Mac Mail to Access Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online

NOTE: DO NOT FOLLOW THESE STEPS UNLESS YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT YOUR EMAIL ACCOUNT MIGRATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. If you are already using Mac Mail to manage your email, you may have your email set to leave your email on the server. This enables you to check all of your messages from any device […]

Configuring your Mobile Device to Access Microsoft Office 365 Exchange Online

  Android Devices IOS Devices

Connecting your Personal Laptop to a Projector in Kauke Hall

If you want to connect your personal laptop to a projector in Kauke Hall, this video will help. Both Macs and PCs are compatible with these projectors.  

CoRE has opened

Students may do a double take when they return from winter break and encounter the new and improved Andrews Library at The College of Wooster.  The renovated space will be called the CoRE, an acronym standing for Collaborative Research Environment. Among the CoRE’s many distinctive features are glass walls, a digital media bar, white boards […]

Email Migration FAQ

How do I set up my mobile device to check my email and calendar? Click here Do I still need to use Message Screen to check for spam? In the interim, yes. Once the email migration has been completed for everyone, SPAM messages will be directed to the Junk Mail folder in Outlook and Mac […]

Email Migration Progress

Faculty Staff Students

Email Services Have Been Restored!

Microsoft reports that email services have been restored.  Backlogged email should gradually begin to arrive.

Exporting Your Text Messages

Texting is a quick and easy way to communicate with friends and colleagues. Texts are typically short and succinct and can even include photos, videos and audio clips. The downside is they’re only on your phone, which makes it difficult to save them. Sure, you can always copy and paste individual messages but what if […]

Forward your email

To forward your Wooster.edu email from Office 365 to an external email account: 1. Once you have logged in to your email account click on the “More Options” menu (also know as the gear icon) in the upper right corner of the screen to access your account settings. Select “Options”. 2. Under “Shortcuts to Things […]

FY 2014 IT Capital Project/Equipment Requests

Request form here IT Capital Project/Equipment Request Form

Groupwise is now Microsoft 365!

We are there! Email has moved to Microsoft 365. To check your Wooster email click on “Check Your Outlook Email” in the grey bar above. ***NOTE — We are experiencing login issues with Chrome and Microsoft 365. If you would like to use Chrome, download the IE Tab extension from the Google App Store.

Helpdesk Ticket

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If you haven’t — Install Office 365

How to Install Office 365 Navigate to www.office.com and click Sign in. Sign in with your Wooster.edu email Select “Install Office” when presented with the option If you’ve changed your start screen, you can navigate to aka.ms/office-install   For further assistance installing Office 365, check out Microsoft’s support page or contact the Help Desk.

Internet service interruption

Oarnet, The College’s internet service provider, will be upgrading the network link between Canton Ohio and Wooster Ohio on 11/13/2012 starting at 12:00 AM (Midnight). They expect a maximum 30 minute loss of service at some point before 4:00 AM. They will be taking the current link down, testing the fiber and connecting to new […]

IOS Devices

NOTE: ONLY COMPLETE THESE STEPS IF YOU HAVE RECEIVED CONFIRMATION THAT YOUR EMAIL MIGRATION HAS BEEN COMPLETED. Step 1. Go to settings, then Mail, Contacts and Calendars. Step 2. If you already have a Wooster email account on your phone, you need to delete it before proceeding to the next step. If you do not […]

IT Maintenance Window

Every Tuesday morning between the hours of 6am and 8am we perform necessary updates and maintenance on our servers and network equipment that may require a reboot. This may cause short interruptions in service to applications such as e-mail, Ellucian (Datatel), Scotweb, Woodle, blogging, etc.

Managing Junk E-Mail

  OUTLOOK WEB APP Microsoft automatically classifies certain e-mail messages as Junk Mail or SPAM.  These messages are moved to the Junk Mail folder in the Outlook Web App. If you find that a message has been identified as Junk Mail or SPAM by mistake, you can tell the Outlook Web App to mark it […]

Migration Schedule

MIGRATION SCHEDULE: Faculty and Emeriti: Beginning April 22nd. Staff: Beginning in early June. Students: October 5th (Fall Break). Questions about the migration? We’re here to help! 330-287-4357 * helpdesk@wooster.edu

Posting in Voices

Instructions for how to post in Voices for a class blog.


Basic Usage Wiki: Basic usage for students Wiki: Basic usage for teaching Prezi: Prezi’s own basic usage site

Student and Faculty Software Discounts Available

We have partnered with OnTheHub.com to offer discounts to students and faculty on software applications such as SPSS, Microsoft Office, LabView, Endnote and virtualization software.  Students can purchase a copy of Microsoft Office for only $99.  Visit wooster.onthehub.com for more information.  Contact the helpdesk at 330-287-4357 or email us at helpdesk@wooster.edu if you have any […]

Summer 2016 classroom updates

All classrooms and labs Over the summer IT has reimaged all departmental, and public labs as well as all of the instructor stations in classrooms.  We worked through the administrative coordinators in your area to get the list of any specialized software that needed installed. In an effort to allow faculty to more easily access […]

Training & Resources

Workshop schedules and online resources.

Using Windows Programs in a Mac Lab

How to access Windows programs such as Gaussian 2009, SALT, SPSS and CLEA in the Mac labs on the College of Wooster campus. These programs run only on Windows so you will have to use special software to make them run on the Mac machines in these labs.  The software is called VMWare and it […]

What Technology do I need at Wooster

1. A Notebook Computer (required) At Wooster, independent minds work together, on and off campus, in and out of class. As our educational experience is not bounded by a classroom, or lab — or a computer lab for that matter, students rely on their notebook computers to review materials for class, do research, complete assignments, […]