Basic Usage Wiki: basic usage of Audacity Download: Download Audacity online  

Changing your password

Learn how to change your password through the College of Wooster website.

Checking Quarantined Email

How to access your quarantined email for your email.  

Classrooms Requiring a Projector Remote

If your classroom doesn’t have a white control box (also called a Pixie), it will require the use of a projector remote.  This video explains how to work in those classrooms.  The video applies to Mateer 203 and 305, Morgan 101 and 217, Scovel 116, Wishart 202 and Taylor 10, 200 and 308.

Classrooms with a SMART Podium or Sympodium

Some classrooms include a special monitor that allows you to use a stylus to interact with the screen and to draw on it.  Many professors find this allows them to make their presentations more dynamic and engaging.  Here’s how to get started with the SMART podium presentation equipment.

Connecting to Your Network Storage on Windows 7

In this video you will learn how to connect to network storage on Windows 7. Storing your files on the network makes them available from any computer, backs them up regularly and enables you to recover the files even if your computer is destroyed.  

Connecting to your Network Storage on Windows XP

Storing your files on the network makes them available from any computer, backs them up regularly and enables you to recover the files even if your computer is destroyed.  

Connecting your Personal Laptop to a Projector in Kauke Hall

If you want to connect your personal laptop to a projector in Kauke Hall, this video will help. Both Macs and PCs are compatible with these projectors.  

COW: Classrooms with Standard Technology

How to use basic technology equipment in classrooms at the College of Wooster. Discusses computers, DVD players, and VCRs.

COW: Confluence Wiki Basics

An introduction to viewing wiki content on the College of Wooster confluence wiki. This is useful for College community members whose college group uses a wiki.  

COW: Create a Confluence Wiki

For faculty, staff and students who want to create a wiki.


Basic Usage Wiki: Basic usage of Garageband   


This is the place holder for Maple


This is the place holder for Mathmatica


Basic Usage From Matlab: Overview To Get: Free Trial Download On Campus: Computer Guide

Posting in Voices

Instructions for how to post in Voices for a class blog.

Prevent and repair Mac OS software issues

How to keep your Mac healthy and up-to-date.  

Quarantined Email (Spam)

Quarantined E-mail Appliance (SPAM FILTER) Wooster has deployed a spam and virus filter for incoming email messages. Each message gets a score based on criteria set by Xecuritas, our Spam filter provider, and if a message scores high enough, it is quarantined by the filter. Users can login and view, delete, forward, trust, or block […]

Register with Voices

College of Wooster students who are required to use Voices for a class can learn how to register on this video.

Set Up Printing on your Mac OS Computer

Learn how to install public printer drivers on your personal Mac OS computer.  

Set up Printing on your Windows Computer

Learn how to set up printing on a Windows XP, Vista, or 7 computer. This will allow you to print to public printers on campus.  


Basic Usage Software for statistical analysis. Information on how to use software: IBM SPSS Documentation Where to get software: In Campus Computer Labs This software is available for download for Wooster Students, Faculty and Staff. Click here.

Start a Class Blog

Get started starting up a class blog with Voices, the campus blogging platform.


Basic Usage From Stata: Overview On Campus: Computer Guide This software is available for download for Wooster Students and Faculty. Click here

Using LISTSERV to Send Mass Emails

This information is adapted from L-Soft’s LISTSERV documentation available at their website. What is LISTSERV? Who can request a list? How do I login to the web-interface for LISTSERV? How do I send a message to a list? How do I see what lists I belong to? How can I subscribe myself to a list? How […]

Using Windows Programs in a Mac Lab

How to access Windows programs such as Gaussian 2009, SALT, SPSS and CLEA in the Mac labs on the College of Wooster campus. These programs run only on Windows so you will have to use special software to make them run on the Mac machines in these labs.  The software is called VMWare and it […]