Classrooms Requiring a Projector Remote

If your classroom doesn’t have a white control box (also called a Pixie), it will require the use of a projector remote.  This video explains how to work in those classrooms.  The video applies to Mateer 203 and 305, Morgan 101 and 217, Scovel 116, Wishart 202 and Taylor 10, 200 and 308.

Classrooms with a SMART Board

Currently the college offers SMART Boards in the following rooms on campus: Kauke 141 Morgan 222 Morgan 308 Scheide 203 Scheide 204 Taylor 210

Classrooms with a SMART Podium or Sympodium

Some classrooms include a special monitor that allows you to use a stylus to interact with the screen and to draw on it.  Many professors find this allows them to make their presentations more dynamic and engaging.  Here’s how to get started with the SMART podium presentation equipment.

Classrooms: Scot Center Conference Room

This is the classroom located in the Scot Center on the floor with the coaches office.

General Classroom Technology

Most of the classrooms on campus contain a projector, vcr, dvd player, computer and a white control box (called a Pixie) to control them all.  Find out how to get these tools to work for you.