Student Technology Assistant (STA) Program

Work for Information Technology! STA Program Benefits include: increased opportunities for students to connect theory and practice through “real world” projects and experiences that strengthen the quality of student learning; Great resume builder! - interested students will receive a promotion after passing technical exam to test their skills and a supervisor evaluation; Training and responsibility - each position tier will receive more responsibility and more training, in addition to higher rates of pay; Summer work - students will also be eligible to continue their work during the summer and receive additional training and experience working on technology projects. Areas of Specialization: The Help Desk, Instructional Technology, Event Support. Our Ideal Students: Are dependable and trustworthy, creative, independent, great problem solvers, come from a variety of majors and academic disciplines. Apply today!

Megan Smeznik, Educational Technology Associate: Arts and Humanities Focus

Maira Senoo, Educational Technology Associate: Analytics, 3D, and VR Focus

Jon Breitenbucher, Ph. D., Director of Educational Technology

phone: 2207 |

Jon works with faculty to incorporate technology and/or innovative projects into their courses. His specialties include WordPress (including Voices, Spaces, and Discover), iMovie, Garageband, social media and course management technologies. Faculty thinking about redesigning a course or adding new projects to a course (including IS) are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Jon through his Doodle calendar.

Vince DiScipio, Director of Technology Services

phone: 2612 |

Joel Bosler-Kilmer, Field Service Coordinator

phone: 330-287-4357 |

As Field Service Coordinator, Joel takes a lead role for new system installs for faculty and staff, manages a group of onsite Student Technology Assistants, and leads our effort to respond quickly to break/fix issues related to computers and printers. Joel can be reached by calling the Service Desk at 330-287-4357

John Shatzer, Technical Associate

phone: 330-287-4357 |

As Technical Associate John has responsibility for supporting College-standard computing equipment and software for the College community. This support includes maintenance, repair and recommendation of notebook and desktop computers, peripherals, public access computer labs, printing stations, and loaner equipment and access to software and licenses as necessary.