Making the Switch


Retracting Messages
In Outlook, you can recall or replace an email message that you sent. When you attempt to retract a message, recipients receive notification that you have attempted to retract the message.

Step by step instructions for retracting messages in Outlook can be found HERE

Tracking Sent Items
In Outlook, if you want to know whether someone opened or received your email, you must enable receipts for individual messages or for all outgoing mail prior to sending the email. If you do not get a receipt back, either the email delivery failed or the recipient has disabled the ability to send out receipts on their system.

Step by step instructions for enabling message receipts can be found HERE

Viewing Attachments
If you receive an email attachment in Outlook created with a program you don’t have, simply save the attachment on your computer, and then use the “Open With” option to open the attachment using a compatible program.

Blocked attachments

Open and save attachments
Common Trouble Shooting

Managing your Calendar

All Day Events
In Outlook, All Day Events are used as reminder notes. Once created, these reminders appear as helpful reminders at the top of each calendar day.

Creating Notes
Creating Reminders

Modifying Appointments
When the organizer of an appointment changes the appointment, an additional message is sent to the original recipient to alert them. If a recipient deletes that email message, the calendar item is not updated.

Changing Appointments

Calendar Details
To view appointment details in your Outlook calendar, such as from, to, cc, place, time, and subject, simply open the appointment.