Megan Smeznik, Educational Technology Associate: Arts and Humanities Focus

Maira Senoo, Educational Technology Associate: Analytics, 3D, and VR Focus

Emily Armour, Educational Technologist: Learning & Pedagogy Applications Specialist

phone: 2242 |

As an Educational Technologist Emily is responsible for advancing the use of technology for faculty, students, and staff. She assists faculty in identifying, selecting, and using educational and instructional technologies that complement their pedagogical approaches. Through workshops, classroom visits, and a team of Student Technology Assistants, Emily helps our students to develop abilities to critically assess, choose, and use technologies for developing and communicating knowledge and insight. Emily assesses technology education needs of staff and provides technology education and professional development opportunities for them.

Ellen Falduto, Chief Information and Planning Officer

phone: 2230 |

Vernon Zidana, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Ashle Williams, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Candice Thornton, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Robert Persons, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Kathyrn Furbee, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Katrina Margolis, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Susie Ko, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Marissa Bundren, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Scott Blair, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Prakrit Shrestha, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Deepika Sundarraman, Student Technology Assistant

phone: 4357 |

Jon Breitenbucher, Ph. D., Director of Educational Technology

phone: 2207 |

Jon works with faculty to incorporate technology and/or innovative projects into their courses. His specialties include WordPress (including Voices, Spaces, and Discover), iMovie, Garageband, social media and course management technologies. Faculty thinking about redesigning a course or adding new projects to a course (including IS) are encouraged to schedule a meeting with Jon through his Doodle calendar.

Michael Thompson, Senior Programmer Analyst

phone: 2511 |

Michael supports Ellucian’s Colleague application as well as the Scotweb or Webadvisor interface to the Colleague application. His primary area of expertise is student data, focusing on the needs of the Registrar’s office, the Dean of Students, and the Dean for Curriculum and Academic Engagement.

Connie McCarty, Senior Programmer Analyst

phone: 2199 |

Debbie Kilbane, Senior Programmer Analyst

phone: 2291 |

Can help with


Colleague (including Colleague Software Updates), Informer, Business Objects, InfoView

Tabitha Conwell, Director of Applications Development

phone: 2304 |

Matthew Baker, Programmer/Analyst

phone: 2211 |

Daniel Krites, Assistant Director of Media Services

phone: 2024 |

As Assistant Director of Media Services, Dan maintains the installed base of presentation technology and media enhanced spaces. Maintains an inventory of loaner equipment for use at college sanctioned self-supported events. Provides design expertise for new installations and upgrades to existing spaces. Trains and directly supervises a team of student technology assistants.

Michael Naylor, Associate Director of Digital Infrastructure

phone: 2677 |

Mike provides direct support for server hardware, storage, operating systems, infrastructure management platform and network hardware. Provides input on design and implementation of infrastructure services. Provides management support for digital infrastructure team.

Roger Dills, Senior Systems Administrator

phone: 2278 |

Vince DiScipio, Director of Technology Services

phone: 2612 |

Joel Bosler-Kilmer, Field Service Coordinator

phone: 330-287-4357 |

As Field Service Coordinator, Joel takes a lead role for new system installs for faculty and staff, manages a group of onsite Student Technology Assistants, and leads our effort to respond quickly to break/fix issues related to computers and printers. Joel can be reached by calling the Service Desk at 330-287-4357

John Shatzer, Technical Associate

phone: 330-287-4357 |

As Technical Associate John has responsibility for supporting College-standard computing equipment and software for the College community. This support includes maintenance, repair and recommendation of notebook and desktop computers, peripherals, public access computer labs, printing stations, and loaner equipment and access to software and licenses as necessary.