Jon Breitenbucher, Ph. D., Director of Educational Technology

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Jon became Director of Educational Technologies in July of 2013. Jon is responsible for providing vision, leadership and support for the application of technology in the College’s teaching and learning environment. The core responsibilities of this position are to cultivate strong relationships with the faculty of the college, ensure that projects are aligned with College strategic priorities, partner with faculty in championing new initiatives, and monitor changes in technology and their effect on society in order to participate in timely discussions about the impact of such changes on pedagogy, curricula and the mission of the College, and to propose strategies in response. Prior to becoming Director Jon had been an Instructional Technology Specialist for two years and had spent four years as a Visiting Assistant Professor in Mathematics and five years in his split position as Instructional Technology Specialist and Adjunct Professor. Jon graduated from Wooster with a BA and obtained his MS and PhD degrees from The Ohio State University. His dissertation was on an extension of one of Ramanujan's identities to multiple basic hypergeometric series. Jon's teaching interests include Combinatorics, Graph Theory and Cryptography. His Instructional Technology interests include AJAX, WordPress, CSS, HTML5, Video Conferencing Technology, Massively Multi-player On-line Games, mobile computing and emerging technologies. He is also in charge of the College's Course Management System and Blogging/Personal Websites System.